About us

The MAST Foundation is an international, cultural and philanthropic institution based on Technology, Art and Innovation.

Founded in Bologna in 2013, the Foundation aims to promote projects that leverage identity and creativity in order to develop new ideas and create new connections.

The founding partners of the MAST Foundation are Coesia, a group of companies specialised in highly innovative industrial and packaging solutions, and the Isabella Seràgnoli Foundation, a private, independent non-profit organisation with the mission of promoting and developing activities and projects for the community, especially in the health care and socio-cultural sectors.

The MAST Foundation is located next to the Coesia headquarters in a multifunctional complex covering an area of 25,000 square metres designed for company's employees, but also open to the public as an ongoing experiment integrating business and community.

Corporate welfare services combine with a programme of cultural activities offered free of charge to the public of all ages within the MAST spaces.  The MAST Foundation aspires to be an open place where citizen can enjoy access to learning, arts, and photography of the working world, a cultural destination that stimulates and engages, combining, personal growth and the well-being.