In October 2017 the MAST Foundation welcomed the sculpture Reach by Anish Kapoor, a great mirror surface made for MAST, where the sky and the city are reflected. With his work that emanates a presence of force and elegance, sobriety and intensity, Anish Kapoor gives us a new tool to multiply points of view by exploring unusual and fascinating territories. Blurring the boundaries between void and mass, ideal and real, spiritual and wordly, at the same time the sculpture brings these opposites closer to one another, in a solution that is a synthesis rather than a division.

On the occasion of the installation of Anish Kapoor’s sculpture, the MAST Foundation presents the exhibition Places of Origin. Monuments for the 21st century, a selection of over 50 architectural models and earth works by the artist, conceived from the 1980s.

Uniting sculpture and architecture, the models demonstrate a variety of architectural forms, such as tower, arch, gate and bridge; natural proto places such as vortex, cavity, hill, crack and tunnel, as well as abstract elementary shapes. The artist reinvents the symbolic of the outdoors exploring the physics and metaphysics of sculpture and its expansion beyond the material.

Some of the projects remain unrealised, some are under construction or have been realised at a monumental scale.

The works in this show present spatial propositions that not only push the boundaries between sculpture and architecture, but blur divisions between subject, object and space.